Richard Libby Consulting

Richard Libby Consulting has been doing business on the West Coast since 1995.  Customers' lines of business include Stock Brokerage, Vision Clinics, General Medicine, Dentistry, Insurance Services, Mortgage Services, Appraisal Services, Automotive Services, Construction, Home and Business Glass Services, Shuttle Services, Art Galleries, Churches, Wholesale Nurseries and many home users.  Here are some of the customer comments that we have received:

"We have been very happy with your services. You have been totally available, getting things done in a timely manner (quickly) and you are going to be saving us a lot of money. Not to mention, we have been through a lot of computer tech's and no one has compared to you. Thanks for all you've done." --Dawn Cowles--United Mortgage Services, Inc., Hillsboro, Oregon.

"Richard Libby Consulting provides outstanding service to my practice. We have never come up with a problem that they have not been able to solve. They have helped me make multiple hardware and software decisions. Richard Libby Consulting is there when you need them via phone or more likely in person. I sleep easier knowing my data is safe with the backup system Richard Libby Consulting has set up. The breadth of their knowledge is staggering and their customer service is refreshing." --Matthew Perry, O.D.,--Hillsboro Vision Clinic, Hillsboro, OR

"Richard Libby has been my computer guru now for several years, advising me about hardware and software, connections to the internet (which was a problem for me with no DSL capability and tall trees blocking satellite access) and use of the systems available. He has solved my virus problems, steered me to proper protections from surges, electrical failures, and troublesome outsiders. He has taught me to use both the computer and word processor effectively, so that I was able to publish a book, handle pictures, and copy and paste to my heart's content. He has helped me to run an on line newsletter to a recreational group and another for a reunion group. He is ready to advise by phone from his travels in many parts of the world for both my wife and me and makes house calls when he is home. I have sent him to see friends who have been similarly pleased with his advice and teaching. Richard will tell you the practical solution to any computer problem you can create." --Roger G. Smith, M.D. , Hillsboro, OR

"As always, superb and excellent [work]." --Malek Daaboul--University Professor, Beaverton, OR

"I like your service a lot, you do a good job!" --Louis Foote, Hillsboro, OR

"Richard Libby Consulting has been helping me with my offices computer network for at least a couple of years. Before them, I have used a few different computer tech people. Richard Libby Consulting has been very good to work with and has been a great help. One thing that I really appreciate with Richard Libby Consulting is that they are able to communicate with me even though I am not a “techie person.” Others have lived in a world that I never visited. Richard Libby Consulting can live in the techie world and yet communicate with me very easily. They are very patient and have taught me some very good skills." --Thomas F. Alexander, D.D.S., Forest Grove, OR

"Our trip was a huge success. We now have an important distribution path for our product. We are hopeful that you will be available to help us come up with a product quality method to insure our customers have a good strategy to overcome the absence of internal floppies and CDROMs. We appreciate so much your last minute help to make sure our trip went well. If we were not able to restore that demo unit, I doubt that we could have achieved the results we achieved. We look forward to working with you in the future." --Lynn Saunders, P.E. North Plains, OR

"In 2004, we experienced serious computer problems. After trying and failing to have a local computer shop repair it, a good friend recommended Richard Libby Consulting [for] repairs. That recommendation was the best thing to happen to our computer. Richard Libby Consulting repaired the computer promptly and returned it to us working better than ever before. They later hooked up our wireless system also. [Richard Libby Consulting] services were completely professional and the costs were very reasonable. We would not hesitate to have Richard Libby Consulting work on any of our computers again, even though it involves a 300 mile round trip on our part to have them service them. We live in a community of over 50,000 people. There are other computer shops that we have used, without any where near the satisfaction Richard Libby Consulting delivered.." –Rich & Kathie Mackey,--Lacey, WA

"We at The Glass People just wanted to write and say how happy we are that we have found Richard Libby Consulting to help us when we are having computer problems. As you know, there are a lot of people out there that have computers and short of turning them on, they don’t have a clue. Richard Libby Consulting came in and took the time to answer even the simplest questions and didn’t make us feel like a nut for asking. We feel so comfortable asking questions and if we don’t get it the first time, we feel ok to ask again. Richard Libby Consulting's promptness is unbelievable. [Richard Libby Consulting is] very professional, yet you make people feel you have known them forever. If we had to name words about your business, they would be Professional, Honest, Very Knowledgeable, Friendly, and Funny. It is always a pleasure to have you come in to our business. The job is done fast and we have always felt we have gotten our money's worth. Your [company] name is always the name I give out if there is anyone that has a computer problem. Thank you so very much for being there when we need you.." –Donna, Office Administrator, The Glass People, Hillsboro, OR

"As technology progresses, one could very well finds himself lost and overwhelmed with the gadgets and tools that claim to help speed up any business. I, myself, am a living testimony that not one man can know all that is to know in the world of technology and still be able to manage and run a small traditional business. To do this, the friendship and assistance of [Richard Libby Consulting] has proven to be a major factor in keeping my business up to speed and competitive. It is also a fact of life that technology is not always your best friend and tool in business, unless all the equipment and
peripherals work at their optimal. [Richard Libby Consulting's] fast response to my emergencies has always been a dependable tool in my business. I know that with him, I can always rely on fast and knowledgeable service and the best remedy for my technological needs." --Kambiz Z. Moradi, Oregon State Appraisal: State Licensed Real Estate Appraiser, Tigard, OR


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